About Studio Sharon Guy

נייר ישן

About me:
Hi, and welcome to my world of carefully crafted, bursting with style wonderfully
with love fashion for young women like you. My name is Sharon Guy second
generation creator, designer and maker of eveningwear
fashion for young women.
I live and breathe fashion and my design process reflects this from start to finish. I gather my
inspiration for any new item I produce from immersing myself in the most current and happening
global scenes around me, looking and observing young hip preteens,
emerging teenagers and
young women who inspire me. I love browsing fabric stores where I let the colors and textures
ignite my imagination. I constantly search for new trends and drawn to new ideas from different
places, cultures, peoples. I love touching, feeling, physically playing with a new idea or fabric and
sometimes I just enjoy draping it on mannequin to watch it adorn the curves, embellish the form,
envelop and develop into the perfect, just perfect, new item. I then set off a creative process that
produces beautiful unique and truly relevant dresses for those special moments in the lives of any
young women from
the prom night, the Junior Dance, BatMitzvah
or Sweet sixteen celebrations
of any style, bridesmaids dresses and
up to the biggest day of any girl’s lives wedding
that are chic, elegant, current and affordable.
I surrendered to my passion for fashion fourteen years ago, when I decided to realize my
calling for fashion design and quit the High Tech world where I worked for 9 years. As a
former High Tech gal I inspire for innovation and creation and my designs are always cutting edge
and relevant and always with the “enduser”
in mind. But them my heart and soul take over the
design process, and as I create my looks I truly listen to my young clients and their dreams and
wishes. I notice carefully how they look at themselves and their own refection in the mirror and I
make any effort to compliment what they see and how they see it with my designs. I make sure to
flatter their growing figures, to accommodate their body styles. I make sure the fit is perfect inside
and out, that they feel comfortable in my dresses both mind and body. And most importantly, I
make sure they wear my designs with their chins up, proud of themselves, loving themselves and
the young women they become.
My designs cater to and accompany women ages 1225
in their journey into womanhood all
through those truly memorable lifecycle
moments to just about any event in which to want to
shine. I invite you to visit my store and enjoy my passion, my love and joy in creating my dresses
for all the young, proud woman of the world.
Shoron Guy,
Shesek & Noise,