How to accessorize your boho wedding dress?

Are you planning a beautiful boho wedding in a gorgeous destination, like a romantic park or a tropical beach? After you’ve booked your venue and found your dream wedding dress, it’s time for one of my favorite parts - accessorizing! Choosing the right bridal accessories is not just a way to create that perfect wedding day outfit. You can transform your look throughout your wedding day with the right accessories, creating different silhouettes for the ceremony and the reception. Not least significantly, having the right accessories can help make your wedding as comfortable for you as possible and make sure you’re at your best throughout the day.

As a wedding dress designer who sees all the newest trends for alternative wedding dresses and boho brides, here are my favorite accessories for 2021:


  • Removable Sleeves

Wedding Dress Off Shoulder Sleeves, Arm Cuff, Bridal Accessories, Sharon GuyBridal Accessories, Arm Band, Shoulder Necklace, Boho Sleeves, Studio Sharon Guy

Can’t decide between an elegant strapless dress and a boho dress with long flowing sleeves? I’ve met many brides with this dilemma and designed an ideal solution that’s just the thing for you: detachable wedding dress sleeves! These bridal arm cuffs make stunning bridal accessories for boho brides. Add them to any sleeveless dress to create movement and a bohemian feel.


  • Bare Feet (

    Barefoot Sandals, Bridal Accessories, Beach Wedding, Elopement, Studio Sharon GuyBridal Accessories, Bare Foot Sandals, Beach Sandals, Bridal Party Gift, Studio Sharon Guy

    If you’re planning a destination wedding at the beach, you may be wondering which shoes will fit the occasion. As someone who’s been to many beach weddings - take my advice and skip the shoes altogether. You may want to pick a pair for the reception, but don’t think twice before walking barefoot on the aisle. If you’d like to take the look even further, take a look at the BareFoot Sandals section in my store.

    • Arm and shoulder jewelry
      Studio Sharon Guy, Arm Jewelry, Shoulder Bracelet, Pearl Accessories, Off ShoulderShoulder Jewelry, Pearl Accessories, Bride to Be Gift, Off Shoulder Sleeves

    If you’re a boho bride, you may not want to accessorize your boho wedding dress with traditional jewelry, aiming for a clean and natural look. But adding some bling to your shoulders or wearing delicate lace arm cuffs can accentuate your appearance and bring out the beauty of your wedding dress. I’ve designed a few different bridal arm cuffs for brides and am always amazed at how they elevate any ensemble.

    • Vintage Jackets (image:
      Bridal Accessories, Boho Wedding

      It’s a well-known fact that having something old and something borrowed at your wedding is good luck. Adding a vintage faux leather or denim jacket to your boho bridal look makes a striking contrast that will look amazing in your wedding photos. And having a beautiful coat on hand may come in handy if it gets chilly as your event runs into the small hours of the night.

        Beautiful Flowers are a big part of any bohemian wedding design, and every bride dreams of holding an arrangement of her favorite blooms. But why stop there? A vibrant flower crown adds an effortless, bohemian style to any bridal outfit. A floral wreath also makes a beautiful hair accessory that complements the loose hair look that’s so trendy right now. With so many types of plants available year-round there really is no limit to the color palettes and feels you can create by adorning your head with flowers.

        Future and past brides out there, what do you think the must-have accessories for a perfect wedding day look? Tell me in the comments, I’d love to hear your experience. And check out my store at