"Fashion is a language that creates itself in clothes to interpret reality". Karl Lagerfeld 

I am taking my time… sitting comfortably in one of my favourite secret places and staring at passers-by. I am looking at them, getting inspired, absorbing so many details which develop ideas.

My name is Sharon Guy - second generation designer and maker of evening wear fashion for women & young women. I live and breathe fashion. I draw my inspiration from young pre-teens, teenagers and young women- looking and observing them. I constantly search for new trends and new ideas from different places, cultures, and people.

I surrendered to my passion for fashion 14 years ago, when I have decided to realize my home-born calling for fashion design and quit High Tech world, where I have worked for 9 years. I started with designing girl's fashion, but over the years, with the growth of my daughters, it has developed into young women and women fashion. 

As a former High Tech gal I am trying to inspire innovation and creativity. My designs are always cutting edge and relevant, with the “end-user” in mind. 
I love touching, feeling, physically playing with a new idea that start from one piece of fabric. I enjoy draping the fabric on my mannequin, watching it adorns the curves, and developing into a perfect new design. Then I set off a creative process that produces beautiful unique and truly relevant dresses for those special moments in the lives of any young women.

My design style is clean & simple, with meticulous and accurate fashionable cuts, using high quality materials. I believe in matching the garment to the women body, ensuring comfort and style.

There's nothing like walking down the street and see a woman wearing one of my designs.

I invite you to visit my store and enjoy my passion ♥