Planning a Simple Wedding? Then Go For These Wedding Dress Designs

If you are not so fond of an extravagant wedding, you can keep it simple and a simple wedding dress need not be boring. Yes, there are dresses that come with layers of fine detailing but there are also those wedding dresses which are minimal yet elegant. Here are some designs that you can choose from.

A Lace Collar Wedding Dress

studio sharon guy - EMMA WEDDING DRESS

A minimal wedding dress does not necessarily have to be plain so you can choose the one that has a lace detail. You can wear this minimal dress without the risk of seeming too casual. The embroidered neck with sequin detail and tie back design for breast support is the main attraction of the dress. This dress has an elegant and Bohemian vibe which is the trend of the season. The clean and chic silhouette of the dress makes it stand out and give a fresh and feminine appearance. The halter neck design is striking and also gives a natural look.

A Pair of Bridal Separates

studio sharon guy - MIA WEDDING GOWN

A bridal dress should be highlighting your best features and that is why you should have a look at these separates. The awe-inspiring and flattering design makes it perfect for all evening occasions. The bottom portion is a tulle skirt with an elasticated waistline that will highlight your waist and also provided comfort to women of all body shapes. If you want to be a bit adventurous and wear something different on your wedding day, then this is the dress that you should get.

A Strappy Boho Dress

studio sharon guy MYLE BRIDAL SEPERATES

This wedding dress is perfect for the summer bride. It has a boho vibe and if you are having a beach wedding then nothing goes better with the location than this. The V-neck design coupled with the tie-back detail gives it the perfect finishing touch. The eye-catching portion is the layered bottom which also has pearls sewn onto it. Turn heads at the wedding with this luxurious dress. The strappy along with the pearl detail adds a different dimension to the overall design.

A wedding consists of a series of events and with us, you will get the perfect dress for each one of them. Your wedding is the most special day of your life and we understand that. So, if you are looking for a wedding dress that has lace designs or has a boho vibe, we have just what you need.